Bare Root Forestry & Hedging

What is bare root?

Bare root plants are only available for sale from November to March as this is when they are dormant. They are a much cheaper alternative to pot grown plants and are very commonly brought for hedging. They have no soil on the roots so are very light and easy to handle – but also need to be planted as soon as possible as the plant is still alive, and the roots need to be kept moist.

Advantages of Bare root:

 Much more cost effective – especially if you are planting a large area
 Much easier and cheaper to transport
 Only planted in winter, so low maintenance after planting
 Greater selection of varieties – more varieties are grown bare root
 Plants are dormant in winter – always the best time to transplant any stock
 Excellent for wildlife





 Bare Root Forestry & Hedging 






 Common Name



 Acer campestre 

 Field Maple



 Alnus cordata

 Common Alder



 Alnus glutinosa

 Common Alder



 Amelanchier lamarckii

 Snowy mespilus/Juneberry



 Berberis thun. 'Atropurpurea'

 Japanese Barberry



 Berberis thunbergii

 Japanese Barberry



 Betula pendula

 Silver Birch



 Buxus sempervirens 

 Common Box



 Carpinus betulus 




 Cornus alba




 Cornus alba siberica

 Siberian Dogwood



 Cornus mas

 Cornelian Cherry Dogwood



 Cornus sanguinea

 Common Dogwood



 Cornus stol. 'Flaviramea'

 Green-barked Dogwood



 Corylus avellana

 Common Hazel



 Cotoneater franchetii

 Franchet's Cotoneaster



 Crataegus monogyna

 Common Hawthorn



 Euonymus europaeus

 European Spindle



 Fagus sylv. 'Atropurpurea'

 Purple Copper Beech



 Fagus sylvatica

 Common Beech



 Hippophaea rhamnoides

 Common Seabuckthorn



 Ligustrum ovalifoium

 Common/Green Privet



 Ligustrum vulgare

 Wild Privet



 Malus sylvestris

 Crab Apple



 Pinus sylvestris

 Scots Pine



 Populus tremula

 Common Aspen



 Prunus avium

 Wild Cherry



 Prunus cerasifera

 Cherry Plum



 Prunus spinosa




 Quercus robur

 Common Oak/English Oak



 Rhamnus frangula

 Common Buckthorn



 Ribes sanguineum

 Flowering Currant



 Rosa canina

 Dog Rose



 Rosa rugosa

 Japanese Rose



 Rosa rugosa 'Alba'

 White Japanese Rose



 Rosa rugosa 'Rubra'

 Red Japanese Rose



 Salix alba

 White Willow



 Salix caprea

 Goat Willow/Pussy Willow



 Salix fragilis

 Crack Willow



 Salix viminalis

 Osier Willow



 Sorbus aucuparia

 European Mountainash



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